Hello friends, followers and supporters,

We are back, after a hiatus from blog posts and social media. I took over as Kupona’s Executive Director in early September, and experienced a whole new level of “hitting the ground running.” Kupona’s founding Executive Director, Katie Flanagan, spent time with me transitioning until the day before she gave birth to a baby girl in late September. Our Third Annual Golf Outing was October 3rd, and we had inspiring visits from Erwin Telemans, CCBRT’s CEO and Dr. Brenda D’mello, Technical Advisor to CCBRT’s Maternal and Newborn Program in the first, second and fourth weeks of October.

As we re-launch the blog, I will be making a series of posts to introduce myself, share more detail around what we’ve been up to, address a series of questions that I have asked or been asked, and (re)introduce Kupona and CCBRT’s shared vision. To keep things interesting, I’ll make it a point to share photos as well – two recent construction photos are below, and you can view all of the most recent photos on Facebook. I have learned a lot in my first two+ months as Executive Director, and I am extremely excited about the work happening on the ground in Tanzania and the potential for us to directly support that work. We are changing lives.


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