We often focus on our maternal health work and the care mothers provide for children with disabilities in Tanzania. Many fathers also play a crucial role as caregivers. Today, in honor of Father’s Day, we’d like to recognize fathers by introducing you to Papa Saidy, who recently worked to ensure that his son could access the eye care services he needed.

As a single parent of an only child, four-year-old Saidy’s father pays close attention to his son’s growth. “I observed some changes in Saidy’s left eye,” he recalled. “He started having difficulty seeing at home, and his school performance began getting worse.”

In August 2018, Papa Saidy decided to bring his son to CCBRT, one of only three hospitals in Tanzania that offers specialized pediatric eye services. At CCBRT, doctors quickly diagnosed Saidy with squint and low vision in his left eye. Thanks to CCBRT’s on-site optical shop, Saidy was quickly provided with refractive glasses to correct his vision problems.

Visiting CCBRT for a check-up six months later, Papa Saidy shared his relief over finding a solution to his son’s visual impairment. “I’m glad because there has been so much improvement with his eye and no pain,” he said. “Even his performance in school has improved compared to before [coming to CCBRT].” Now, Saidy can both do his homework at home and play without difficulty. He’s a happy child, his father said.

“I’d like to thank CCBRT,” Papa Saidy shared. “Before, my son’s eye condition was very bad, but with the medications and glasses he received at CCBRT, we have a lot to be thankful for.”

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Left, Papa Saidy holds his son as Saidy receives an eye consultation at CCBRT. Right, after his consultation, Saidy is fitted for refractive glasses to treat his low vision.