Welcome to Kupona’s Newest Board Member

We are delighted to introduce the newest member of our Board of Directors: Dr. John Brothers

Dr. John Brothers

An expert in the fields of philanthropy and organizational leadership, John has over 20 years of experience in nonprofit management. He brings a new perspective to our Board, with a keen focus on strategic fundraising and organizational development specific to the nonprofit sector.

John has taught nonprofit management and social policy at New York University and Rutgers University, advised Harvard University’s Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, and authored numerous articles and publications on the subject of nonprofit development.

John is currently the President of T. Rowe Price Foundation, and President of the Program for Charitable Giving.  Prior to this new role, John was the founder and principal of Quidoo Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in non-profit leadership and management. It was through a grant that John was first connected with Kupona.

“In my former firm, Quidoo, we have a pro-bono grants program where nonprofits apply for capacity building grants and Kupona was a winner of one of those grants.  In that I began having weekly meetings with [Kupona’s Executive Director] Abbey, and found her style and commitment awesome and hard to walk away from.  The visit to Dar solidified that this is an effort I wanted to stay connected with.”

Earlier this year, John traveled to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to facilitate a series of strategic planning meetings with Kupona and our sister organization, CCBRT, helping us to align our fundraising strategies and prioritize our goals. During the trip, he saw first-hand the impact and scale of CCBRT’s work to improve access to high quality healthcare for poor and marginalized people in Tanzania.

“The commitment of the staff was invigorating.  Just an impressive group of folks and how they have aligned the work and positioned themselves to be successful.  A good example of this is the capacity building CCBRT is doing with other efforts in the region.  To be able to go out and help build the strength of the health sector is a sign of how CCBRT has been positioned as the leader in the region.”

As Kupona’s consulting grant came to a close, we just couldn’t let him go! We are thrilled that he accepted our invitation to join the Board of Directors in April 2015. John’s coaching over the last year has positioned Kupona to achieve critical fundraising and development goals in 2015, setting us on track to empower more people and communities in Tanzania than ever before.

We are excited to work with John in his new role at Kupona, enabling us to build partnerships for progress, and create a stronger future for Tanzanian families.