Originally posted on the CCBRT blog

We’re excited to announce that after three years of construction, the new CCBRT Private Clinic building opened in July.

Confused about what our Private Clinic is, or how it differs from our standard services? Today we’re answering your questions.

What is the Private Clinic?

In 2004, CCBRT started offering private services to help subsidize the cost of care provided to patients who cannot afford crucial health services. Since then, the clinic has grown substantially: last year it served 7,608 new patients and provided 11,630 consultations. The revenue it generated was reinvested into the provision of CCBRT’s standard services, ultimately funding treatment for 20% of the hospital’s patients.

Although physically separate from the rest of the hospital, the Private Clinic offers the same high-quality ophthalmology, optometry, orthopedics and rehabilitation services, in addition to ear, nose and throat (ENT) and gynecological services. Patients at the Private Clinic can book appointments in advance over the phone, and the clinic building offers air conditioning, free internet and waiting room televisions.

What’s special about the new Private Clinic building?
The new building expands CCBRT’s current Private Clinic space by 300%,giving us more room to accommodate more patients in our current service areas, and to expand into new services.

In addition to our existing private service areas – ophthalmology, optical, orthopedics, physiotherapy, ENT and gynecology – the expanded clinic will offer a well baby and pediatric clinic, and will ultimately provide general medicine consultations. As well as a larger optical shop, the clinic will contain its own pharmacy and a phlebotomy lab for patients to visit for bloodwork and lab tests.

With large windows and motion sensor lights, the clinic is both well lit and energy efficient. Disability-accessible toilets are located on each floor, and the building’s four levels are connected by both stairs and elevators. As in the existing Private Clinic, patients will have air conditioning and free wi-fi. Visitors to the clinic can park in the parking lot close to the building’s main entrance on Ali Bin Said Road.

Why does CCBRT need a Private Clinic?
CCBRT provides life-changing care to thousands of Tanzanians living with disabilities every year. To ensure that everyone who needs our services is able to access them, we provide high-quality treatment to our patients at highly subsidized rates or free of charge. We believe cost shouldn’t be a barrier to healthcare.

The Private Clinic doesn’t only enable us to reach more Tanzanians with high quality medical services – it also helps make our accessible model sustainable in the long term. “Our goal is to be the major donor for CCBRT,” says Rehema Ngamilo, General Manager for Private Services. “Our goal is to give back to CCBRT so that we can give back to the community.”

What are the Private Clinic’s hours?
In addition to new space and new services, the new clinic will also offer extended hours for some service areas. The eye clinic, orthopedic clinic, optical shop and pharmacy will be open from 7:30am to 8pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 1pm on Saturday. ENT will maintain its current hours: 7:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Hours for the gynecology, well baby and pediatric, physiotherapy and general medicine clinics will be set following the clinic’s opening.