Ask your employer about a match

Photo Credit: Dieter Telemans

At Kupona Foundation, we’re all about unlocking potential. Unlocking the potential of people in poverty to access healthcare and subsequently education and employment; unlocking the potential of families to build bright and productive futures; and unlocking the potential of Americans to make a real and tangible difference to people and communities in Tanzania. We are able to do this thanks to the generosity of our supporters, who give tens of thousands of their hard earned dollars to Kupona every year. But did you know that these donations could go even further, if we all remembered to ask one simple question:

Can my employer match my donation?

During a webinar with Double the Donation earlier this year, the Kupona team was astounded to learn that every year in the U.S., billions of philanthropic dollars go unclaimed and unused. Employers set aside matching funds to support the charitable giving of their employees, but people either forget to claim them, or aren’t aware that it’s even an option. That’s billions of dollars of life-changing funding that won’t reach the people and programs that need it most. Talk about untapped potential!

An estimated $6-10 billion in employer matching funds go unclaimed every year.

Chances are, your company has a matching gift program already in place; over 65% of Fortune 500 companies, and many other smaller companies, have funds set aside to support their employees’ philanthropic giving. 

The potential might be bigger than you think! Some employees launch fundraisers in their offices, and their total donation amount will be matched. Some companies will even match the donations of retired employees and spouses!

Kupona Foundation is a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, meaning we are eligible to receive funds from almost all matching gift programs in the United States. You will want to check with your employer, as there may be restrictions that are specific to your company. We already receive matching funds from the employers of several donors, and one of Kupona’s Advisory Board members has his monthly recurring donation matched by his employer!

This National Philanthropy Day, take a minute to research your employer’s matching fund program – the good you do could be amplified at no additional cost to you!

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