Looking ahead to more little victories in 2015

It’s been a remarkable year. I’ve been inspired by the stories of success at home and abroad, and hope that you have, too. Mothers’ lives have been saved, families have better access to family planning, and children have received life-changing treatment – all thanks to your generosity.

Newborn in the Maternity Ward, Hospital Temeke

Newborns in the Maternity Ward, Temeke Hospital

The news from Temeke District Hospital was really a highlight for me. In a region where far too many mothers lose their lives in childbirth, the fact that every mother who gave birth at Temeke in the month of September survived is powerful. Moms and babies born at Temeke in September will have a future, thanks to the staff training, infrastructure improvements, and distribution of life-saving equipment that YOU supported. Thank you. You can read more about Temeke in our most recent post on Girls’ Globe. 

Of course, not every month will be as successful as September. Without collaboration and perseverance, thousands of Tanzanian mothers and their babies will continue to die every year.

We must build upon this year’s successes by enabling the team on the ground to continue improving the skills of healthcare providers; ensuring that they have access to the facilities and the equipment they need to do their job; and decongesting health facilities so that medical staff have the time and space to attend to every patient.

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It’s the little victories that will come together to change the status quo for women and children in Tanzania. A donation of $55 USD this holiday season will fund a skilled delivery by trained medical staff: giving both mother and baby a better chance for survival. If you donate through our GlobalGiving page between now and December 31st, you can help us win an additional $3,000 to make motherhood safe in Tanzania!


Your donation will make more of these victories possible, and support our work at CCBRT. Help us continue to save lives and improve the quality of maternal and newborn healthcare in Tanzania. Help us make 2015 a year of little victories.

Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy New Year!

With gratitude,