CCBRT team members share their experiences

Your donations to Kupona directly benefit our implementing partner on the ground in Tanzania, CCBRT – the largest provider of disability and rehabilitation services in the country. CCBRT’s comprehensive maternal and newborn healthcare program is strengthening the maternal healthcare system and building a new referral hospital for emergency and high-risk deliveries in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city.

Our colleagues at CCBRT are a dedicated team of professionals. They’re the heroes, enabled by you to provide high quality, life-changing care to vulnerable people in Tanzania every day. We want you to get to know them.

1. Most memorable patients:

“She was very young…she had developed fistula at the age of 12.”


2. Why CCBRT is different from other healthcare providers:

“The services are affordable. They are available. And the services are reliable.”


3. CCBRT today is ‘Changing Lives, Changing Communities.’ What’s an alternative tagline? 

“CCBRT. Focused on Future”

Your donations to Kupona Foundation make their work possible. Thank You!