Kupona is thrilled to announce that our implementing partner in Dar es Salaam, CCBRT, and its Mabinti Center have been chosen as two highlighted programs during the African First Ladies Summit ‘Investing in Women, Strengthening Africa’ on the 2nd July 2013!

The Summit, coordinated by The Bush Center, will bring together African First Ladies, government officials, private organizations, NGOs and academics to discuss best practices that can reap sustainable, replicable results, benefit women and strengthen society.

CCBRT not only invests in women in the present, but seeks to have a long term impact upon Tanzania by focusing its efforts on future generations. Summit attendees will learn about the huge success of our holistic obstetric fistula program as well as gaining an insight into our comprehensive maternal and newborn healthcare program and the work we do for children with disabilities.

CCBRT and Kupona are excited to welcome the delegation to Tanzania, and look forward to participating in this vital international discussion upon the importance of women as the key to unlocking development.