Giving Tanzanian mothers the chance to be mums

Last year, 8,000 Tanzanian women did not get the chance to become mums.

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Last year, 8,000 Tanzanian women did not get the chance to become mums.
Being a ‘good mum’ means different things to different people. For a start, as Kupona’s resident Brit, I’m the only person using the word ‘mum’ instead of ‘mom’. Does a good mum stay at home, or does she work full-time? Does she only purchase healthy food, or does she allow her children to eat sugary treats? Should she even worry about what it means to be ‘a good mum’ to her children?

I’m not a mother yet, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time at Kupona, it’s that if I have the opportunity to worry about the kind of mum I will be, I’ll be a lucky woman.

Every year in Tanzania, 8,000 women die as a result of complications in pregnancy or childbirth. That’s 8,000 women every year who won’t find out what kind of mother they will be to their children.

Every mother deserves the chance to meet her newborn child.
If you’re a regular subscriber to Kupona’s updates, you’ll have read that statement and seen this statistic before: 8,000 maternal deaths in Tanzania every year. Until that number falls to zero, we’ll be repeating it a lot. I’m supporting Kupona Foundation this Mother’s Day because I’ve seen a real opportunity to get that number to zero.

Strengthening the System
In one of Africa’s fastest growing cities, Dar es Salaam, healthcare providers are faced with rapid population growth and increasing demand for services. Women in labor encounter delivery wards that are overcrowded and under-equipped, and staff that are under-trained and overworked.

By decongesting overcrowded wards, training healthcare workers, and improving infrastructure, our implementing partner, CCBRT, helps thousands of mothers meet their newborns. Every day, we draw closer to giving thousands of women the opportunity to celebrate their first Mother’s Day.

My wonderful Mum, Alison, got the chance to build a happy, healthy future for our family.

My wonderful Mum, Alison, got the chance to build a happy, healthy future for our family.

This Mother’s Day I am making a donation to Kupona Foundation in honor of my mum. When I was born, she had certain decisions to make. In a career where working part-time was simply not an option, she decided to go back to work full-time when I was 3-months old. Some may frown upon her decision: I personally find it inspirational. Wherever you stand, one thing is for sure: my mum could choose what kind of mother she wanted to be. That’s the kind of choice that every expectant mother should be able to make. Access to high quality, respectful maternal healthcare sets both mother and baby up to lead healthy lives, and to build a promising future. This should not be a privilege. It should be a right.

Join me, and donate in honor of a mother in your life today.


With gratitude,

Alexandra Cairns
External Affairs Manager, Kupona Foundation

For every donation made in honor of a mother, her name will be entered into our prize drawing. The winner will receive a gift from the Mabinti Center, winner of Accessories Designer of the Year at Swahili Fashion Week 2014Just type ‘In honor of {insert Mum’s name here}’ in your donation description for her chance to win!