Dear Friends, 

In a time when the pandemic has hit small enterprises hard, Kupona Foundation has been no exception. Since March 2020, Susana Oguntoye has led the organization and engaged with all of Kupona’s stakeholders, spearheading the Kupona Foundation community and pushing for support for CCBRT. In October 2021, Susana will start a new exciting role in global health in the private sector and will no longer serve as Kupona’s Executive Director. She says, “I am very sad I am no longer able to serve as Kupona’s Executive Director and I have decided therefore not to leave. I will instead immediately transition to Kupona’s Board of Directors.”

Transition in Leadership

Kupona will remain in good hands with the Board of Directors, which both Susana and the former Executive Director of Kupona, Abbey Kocan, have joined. Abbey brings a wealth of knowledge on Kupona operations. She served as Kupona’s Executive Director for nearly seven (7) years through April 2020, consistently providing formative and strategic leadership, including on the ground in Tanzania to CCBRT. 

This is a critical moment within the pandemic for CCBRT and Kupona Foundation. We expect to consider recruiting a new Executive Director in the near future.”, says Kupona’s Chair of the Board, Robert Schwed. 

Continued Impact

CCBRT continues to be a leading light in healthcare in Tanzania, seeing roughly 500-700 patients every day. The new CCBRT Maternal and Newborn 200-bed Wing has been up and running since April 2021 and can support up to 5,000 deliveries a year. In this moment, we can all continue to support by giving. Kupona will continue to provide a direct channel to support CCBRT’s life-changing programs for women, newborns and people with disabilities, including thousands of children every year.