We achieved more than we hoped in 2015. And we have you to thank. 

Last month you, and other like-minded supporters, gave over $29,000 during our final fundraising push of 2015. 

Not only was this our single most successful campaign to date, 2015 was the most successful fundraising year in Kupona’s history, with over $830,000 raised for people and communities living in poverty in Tanzania. And we have you to thank. Your generosity unlocked access to healthcare and new, life-changing opportunities for Tanzania’s most impoverished individuals and families. Families like Donald’s.

“I was determined to find him treatment”

Photo credit: Maddie Johnson

Donald waiting for his life changing procedure.

When Donald was born, his mother Joyce was deeply concerned to find that his feet were turned inward. It was clear that Donald’s feet were severely misshapen when compared to his twin brother. Medical staff at the hospital where Donald was born diagnosed him with clubfoot.

Joyce was upset to receive this diagnosis for her son. “I didn’t feel well knowing that his feet were abnormal. I was determined to find him treatment for this condition. I have seen many people in my home region with this condition and I want my son to avoid the hardship that those adults now have to live with.”

Joyce saw an advertisement for our sister organization, CCBRT, on television, and left the home that she shares with her mother-in-law to travel to Dar es Salaam with her twin sons.

During Donald’s first visit to CCBRT, Joyce felt confident that her son’s condition could be corrected. “I believe that CCBRT can help to fix Donald’s clubfoot. I will be very excited to see his feet become normal over time.” Joyce hopes that with appropriate care, Donald can be strong, active and be able to reach his full potential.

Together, we deliver more than hope.
Your donations have unlocked a brighter future for Donald and others like him. Now, a quality education is well within reach for Donald. His family is relieved of the financial burden of long-term medical care, and of the financial, social and emotional burden of caring for a child with a disability.

In partnership with our sister organization, CCBRT, we are proud to deliver high-quality healthcare and rehabilitative services to the poorest people in Tanzania. Empowered by your gifts, we will continue this work in the coming year. There is still much to do. You touched over 1 million lives last year. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in 2016.