Meet Kashindye, a four month old born with clubfoot. Her condition caused her father to abandon the family, a heartbreaking but realistic fate for many with disabilities. They become outcasts in the community and people do not want to be associated with them. This leads many parents of children with disabilities to hide them inside. However, her mother did not give up hope. She brought Kashindye to CCBRT after being referred by a local healthcare worker. Luckily she was referred early enough that she can be completely rehabilitated and will go on to live a normal and healthy life. However  there are lasting psychological effects on her mother from the trauma that Kashindye’s illness put her and her family through.  “I have seen other children with the same problem, I am happy and confident that my child is going to be happy and fully healed. God bless CCBRT’s efforts” 

Kashinye’s mother hopes that her recovery will bring awareness to disabilities in their community and help to break down the stigma surrounding them. She believes that every child is valued despite their ability and that the communities should be accepting of all people. Kashindye’s story will help to bring awareness to the normalization of disabilities and help to allow people with them to live normal and fulfilling lives.