Meet Mama Ngowi from CCBRT Moshi. Thousands of children with cerebral palsy in rural Moshi have passed through her hands where she visits families of children with disabilities to train parents and guardians on how to live with disabled children. This work is incredibly important as children and people with disabilities require varying degrees of care and she is able to consciously break down the stigma around disability. People with disabilities are often among the poorest and most marginalized in society. Disability has a significant impact on health, employment, and education. More than half of children with disabilities do not attend school as a result of their health or activity limitations. Illiteracy among Tanzanians with a disability is 48%, compared to 25% among those with one. This seriously hinders social and economic development.

Mama Ngowi decided to pursue a career in healthcare because she is an incredibly ambitious woman, has a passion for helping those around her, and wanted to help fill a need in the community. She has really enjoyed the hard work and the large rewards of her job. She loves working with CCBRT because of the great work environment it cultivates. CCBRT and all of its staff are so dedicated to their work and have effective communication between them. Mama Ngowi is so pleased to see the changes that she is able to make in the lives of PWD and their families. 

Mama Ngowi’s most memorable case is the case of Innocent Alfred Macha, a child with CP. She started working with him when he was still very young. At that time he had no control of his head and could neither turn nor sit. After working with him continuously and rigorously he now can walk to school, has regained motion of his head, and has overall made tremendous progress.

After working with thousands of patients Mama Ngowi has gained important experience and insight. Her best advice to parents of children with disabilities is: never give up on taking care of CWD as they will progress and have positive changes when they receive quality Rehabilitation services.