Glory’s Story

Case Study

Glory is a mother of two children and a single parent.

She developed an obstetric fistula while delivering her second child. One month after her traumatic delivery, she was referred to CCBRT Disability Hospital for comprehensive fistula treatment, free of charge. Glory healed from her surgery and is now dry. 

Two years later, Glory was selected to join The Mabinti Centre, CCBRT’s socioeconomic empowerment project for women recovering from fistula treatment. She began the year-long training in sewing, crochet, beading, business, accounting, and English. 

“I was very excited to join the training taking place at Mabinti because I knew after completing [the course] I will be able to generate income from the skills and knowledge which I have gained here,” she said.

After completing her year of training, Glory was able to implement what she had learned as she made small bags to sell. 

Glory is now employed by The Mabinti Gentre to support other recovering fistula patients as they acquire the skills as she did. “I love the life here at Mabinti,” she said. “We live and work as a family; we support each other. Whenever I leave, I cannot stop thinking of coming back.”