Angelica’s Story

Case Study

Angelica was 9 months old when she fell into the fire in the kitchen. As a baby she was in severe pain, but the full consequences of her injuries did not reveal themselves until she was older. At first, because she was so young, Angelica was nursed and fed by members of her family. However, as she grew older, mobility restrictions from the scarring meant that she was unable to feed, wash or dress herself as other children would. Her injuries also meant that she was unable to attend school, despite the fact that she was desperate to learn and play with other children.

Angelica’s community joined together to fund her treatment at a local hospital, but doctors there referred her to CCBRT for specialist care. Once again, the generosity of the community meant that her father could travel with her to CCBRT’s Disability Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

After consultation from CCBRT’s specialist surgeons, it was revealed that Angelica would require a series of three procedures, including contracture releases and skin grafts, to reduce scarring and increase her mobility.

Thanks to the high quality care provided by CCBRT, Angelica and her family are hopeful for the future. They look forward to her increased independence, and are excited that she now has the opportunity to attend school and achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.