We empower people and communities in Tanzania to realize their full potential. It starts with their health. 


MISSION | We improve access to high-quality healthcare for people and communities living in poverty in Tanzania.


MODEL | We convene an ecosystem of diverse partners to mobilize resources and activate awareness.


VALUE | We facilitate opportunity and foster lasting change for the people and community of Tanzania.

Access to quality healthcare for people in poverty has a ripple effect, amplifying impact across communities.

We mobilize support for life changing programs that improve access to affordable, high quality healthcare in Tanzania.


Kupona Foundation mobilizes funding from institutional partners and individuals in order to fund life-changing programs.

Capacity Building

Kupona Foundation connects CCBRT with highly skilled individuals, able to fill critical resourcing gaps on the ground, and train the teams in Tanzania.


Kupona Foundation uses strategic storytelling, along with our partnership with CCBRT, to mobilize support and raise awareness around the causes we champion.


Healthy people build healthy communities.

Featured in the Huffington Post

With 67% of Tanzanians living in poverty, and unable to access quality care, urgent action needs to be taken to ensure that they can survive and thrive.

Our Organization

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