In Tanzania, 65% of people live on less than $1.25 a day. Their ability to earn enough money to feed themselves and their family is directly tied to their health. Accessible, affordable and timely medical attention is the key to helping communities thrive. 

MISSION | At Kupona, we empower people and communities in Tanzania to realize their potential by improving their access to healthcare. At optimal health, individuals and their families thrive, breaking the cycle of poverty.

MODEL | 100% of Kupona resources are dedicated to enabling the continuation and sustainable growth of our sister organization, CCBRT, a leading healthcare provider in Tanzania.

VALUE | We give individuals and institutions the opportunity to invest in direct, dynamic impact. We operate with maximum transparency and context-driven agility, amplifying our community’s power to affect change.

Kupona is like a little sister. It’s important to have a sister. You never have that feeling of being alone.

– Erwin Telemans, CEO, CCBRT

CCBRT is a leading healthcare provider headquartered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city and one of the fastest growing urban centers in the world. CCBRT is an expert in disability, and a key partner of the Government of Tanzania in the fight to improve maternal and newborn healthcare. In addition to providing over 100,000 clinical consultations and over 10,000 surgical procedures every year, CCBRT is committed to sharing its skills and experience with peers to strengthen healthcare systems at home and further afield.

Healthy people build healthy communities

The need for investments in healthcare in Tanzania is great. The country faces severe shortages of skilled clinical and managerial healthcare professionals, particularly in specialized fields. Healthcare facilities in rapidly growing urban centers like Dar es Salaam are under resourced and overwhelmed by demand. Vulnerable communities, including pregnant women and girls, newborns and people with disabilities, are not getting access to the quality of care they need.

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